Here at Tigne Townhouse we offer inspiring workshops and retreats which will leave you feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and with a renewed sense of optimism. Activities include yoga, reiki energy sessions, meditation, hypnosis, interactive talks on personal development, consciousness, NLP, health and personal training. There will be delicious healthy vegetarian food and juices to stimulate your body. We will explore the surroundings by taking trips to the beach, pools, boat trips around the island and a ferry ride to the capital city Valletta.

We take a look at the blockages in your life and provide you with ways you may never have thought of to rejuvenate. We use a combination of practical and psychological techniques which provide you with a renewed sense of growth and optimism. We help you to shift from a fixed mindset to one of continuous growth. Being fixed is like a rock; not moving, staying in one place, not wanting change. Growth is like a plant, growing strong roots to create strength in what you want to do and bending in the wind, being flexible and reaching for the brightness in life to enable you to thrive. Growth is necessary in life to keep our momentum going and to experience a sense of optimism and contentment in achieving something new.

We help you to shift from the negativity of having a fixed mindset, avoiding challenges, giving up easily, seeing effort as pointless, ignoring useful feedback, seeing it as negative and feeling threatened by others’ success. We move you to a positive growth mindset full of amazing new possibilities where you embrace challenges, persist in the face of setbacks, see efforts as a path to mastery, learn from feedback and criticism and ultimately learn lessons of inspiration in the successes of others. The result is reaching ever higher levels of achievement!

Let us show you how to reach your potential in life through our highly inspiring personal development workshops and retreats. Use our Contact page to ask us for further details.

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