Holidays are the perfect solution for your wellbeing

Holidays are the perfect solution for your wellbeing. I’m saying this from the beautiful island of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea, just off Italy and Sicily.

You may spend all year focused on your usual life and maybe it’s very hectic and busy for you. To get away on holiday brings a fantastic new perspective to life as it gives you time to breathe, take a step back and perhaps re-evaluate your life or simply just enjoy the weather, sunshine and scenery. Enjoy the tranquility and the beauty of your new environment. Take photos to treasure the memories you’re building.

Perhaps a weekend away is enough to rejuvenate you or you feel you need longer; in any case, do what works for you.

You can really appreciate your new environment and what it brings you. I came away for the sunshine but for a couple of days there was electrical thunderstorms. I simply appreciated the delight of being safe indoors and admired nature and the thunder and lightning she brings to clear the humidity in the air. Then breathing in the fresh air deeply brings a real sense of wellbeing.

If you’re lucky enough to live by the sea or by nature then you may well experience these feelings everyday, in which case this is wonderful for your wellbeing. However if you live in a city, or large town then nature may be more elusive to you. Find a place which resonates with you; perhaps you like to stay in your own country, or the same continent. If you like to visit the same place, perhaps the familiarity brings peace and comfort. Maybe here you develop friendships over time, bringing you back to your familiar place. You may feel the purpose of a holiday is an opportunity to explore the world and you may want to go somewhere new every time. For me a holiday is all of these things.

While you’re away think of how you can explore your surroundings, walking around the area, taking the bus, car, taxi, or maybe one of the locals will show you around! Do whatever works for you. Try new things you’ve never tried before such as a boat trip, diving or snorkelling or find the activities you like doing such as yoga, jogging, hiking or horse riding. Something I’ve been doing more recently is booking different types of accommodation to help to explore the area and get absorbed into different areas where I’m staying. This ends up feeling like you’ve had more than one holiday at a time (as long as you don’t mind the moving around!)

Try the local delicacies too – taste real food again; buy local and support the environment you’re visiting. You never know, it may inspire you to change your cooking habits at home towards a more healthy lifestyle. I wouldn’t recommend to overeat during your holiday, but use it to have even more of a healthy lifestyle. You want to enjoy your stay, not feel bloated during it!

Whatsoever it is you’re doing remember to do it as frequently as you can as the rejuvenation process is wonderful for your wellbeing!



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