Retreats for your Wellbeing

If you find you need to slow down, reconnect with yourself and reflect on what is important in life, then going on a retreat is the perfect solution. A retreat is one of the finest gifts you can give to yourself. This will be time well invested and well spent. This is “time-out” for you to unwind and see life from a new perspective.

This will be different from the usual holiday or break that you take. Retreats can be anywhere in the world. They take different shapes and forms; whether it’s a day retreat, a weekend, a week, a month and even longer. They often take place in a natural environment and it gives you the opportunity to reconnect with nature, especially if you’re used to living or working in a city or a big town. Retreats give you peace and quiet. You can leave your usual life and all the hustle and bustle it brings. You will find calm and space and can go for walks in nature, hug a tree, breathe in the fresh air, walk barefoot and be one with the elements.

Retreats often have a theme such as detoxing, nutrition and healthy eating, fitness, yoga, energy work, relaxation, meditation, positive thinking, rejuvenation, artistic, cookery, dancing, personal development and spiritual enlightenment. This means you can find a retreat for the areas in your life which you feel is most important and want to focus on.

You will have the opportunity to connect with like-minded people and this is great to allow you to build relationships with people on the same wavelength.

Retreats are an amazing learning experience and you will feel rejuvenated and ready to tackle your life with a new perspective by the end of the retreat. You will come out wiser, with a new sense of optimism, feeling balanced, full of energy and wanting to take action to make changes which will improve your life.

During the retreat you will have time to have more clarity about what you want in life and be creative to decide how you will make this happen. An activity such as making a vision board, where you put images together from magazines or the internet to define the type life you want to be living, can be so powerful and allows your mind to open up to new possibilities. By putting the images together in a visual display sends a message to your mind and the universe to bring that life closer to you. It can really bring some fun into your life.

Coaching is usually an activity during the retreat and it allows you to get guidance from someone who can look at you with a fresh perspective and give you some guidance on your road to follow. This will improve your outlook on life, productivity, relationships, health and wellbeing.

“Retreat” used to be known more commonly as retreating in battle which suggests weakness, failure or having to back off, but now it’s a chance to take control of your life, completely rejuvenate and inspire you in your life!

Here at Tigne Townhouse we offer retreats to rejuvenate your health and wellbeing. See our Retreats page for further details.


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